Limited Edition

Beautiful limited edition British tweeds - designed and woven in Yorkshire, once the collection has gone the tweeds are never repeated, keeping your coat exclusive and limited.
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Brompton Tweed Coat - Green Herringbone
Brompton Tweed Coat - Sky Blue Herringbone
Burghley Tweed Coat - Blanket
Burghley Tweed Coat - Blue Herringbone
Burghley Tweed Coat - Country Blue
Burghley Tweed Coat - Country Green
Burghley Tweed Coat - Fawn Blanket
Burghley Tweed Coat - Green Herringbone
Burghley Tweed Coat - Moss Green
Burghley Tweed Coat - Purple Plaid
Burghley Tweed Coat - Sand Check
Classic Tweed Skirt - Blanket
Classic Tweed Skirt - Country Green
Classic Tweed Skirt - Green Herringbone
Classic Tweed Skirt - Houndstooth
Classic Tweed Skirt - Navy
Classic Tweed Skirt - Purple Plaid
Classic Tweed Skirt - Sand
Classic Tweed Skirt - Sea Green
Knightsbridge Tweed Coat - Country Blue
Knightsbridge Tweed Coat - Country Green
Knightsbridge Tweed Coat - Navy
Knightsbridge Tweed Coat - Purple Plaid
Knightsbridge Tweed Coat - Rose Check
Knightsbridge Tweed Coat - Sand/Navy
Knightsbridge Tweed Coat - Sand/Tawny
Marylebone Tweed Jacket - Blue Herringbone
Marylebone Tweed Jacket - Moss Green
Marylebone Tweed Jacket - Navy
Mayfair Tweed Jacket - Blanket
Mayfair Tweed Jacket - Country Blue
Mayfair Tweed Jacket - Country Green
Mayfair Tweed Jacket - Fawn Blanket
Mayfair Tweed Jacket - Fawn Herringbone
Mayfair Tweed Jacket - Green Herringbone
Piccadilly Tweed Coat - Blue Check
Piccadilly Tweed Coat - Blue Herringbone
Piccadilly Tweed Coat - Blue Houndstooth
Piccadilly Tweed Coat - Brown Herringbone
Piccadilly Tweed Coat - Lichen Green
Piccadilly Tweed Coat - Navy
Piccadilly Tweed Coat - Sea Green
Shooter Jacket - Aqua Check Tweed
Shooter Jacket - Blue Herringbone Tweed
Trench Tweed Coat - Brown Herringbone
Trench Tweed Coat - Navy Herringbone
Trench Tweed Coat - Sand Check
Trench Tweed Coat - Sky Blue Herringbone
Windsor Tweed Jacket - Blue Herringbone
Windsor Tweed Jacket - Lichen Green